7zip To A Different Location in Windows. I came across this when I had to upload a folder to an FTP, that was over 126GB in size with 197,000 items inside it. Unfortunately, the drive where the folder was located only had 20GB free. It was also a physical machine rather than an VM so assigning more space to the drive wasn’t an option. I ended up going down the route of attaching a 1TB USB3 External Hard Drive.

I then looked at using 7-Zip to zip to a different location rather than where the folder was located.

This can be done using the Command Line Version (Download).

  1. Extract download to your Desktop.
  2. Windows + R, Type ‘cmd’
  3. then type in ‘cd Desktop’
  4. You can then type the command;

7za a G:\Destination.zip D:\Folder\To\Zip(Location to zip)

Once you hit enter on the above command (make sure you change it to your own directories) the compressing will begin.

7zip To A Different Location Windows

You can then navigate to your destination directory where you’ll be able to refresh and monitor the .zip file size.

7zip To A Different Location Windows

If you’re looking to do other things with 7Zip – I would suggest checking out the 7-Zip Command Line Syntax to learn more.

If you need to look at freeing up more disk space. You should check out How to empty the recycle bin for all users.

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