After moving into a new place I found the WiFi to be a bit ‘iffy most of the time which was becoming really frustrating. I decided to swap out my gaming router, a Netgear XR500 Nighthawk. And opted for a mesh access point system. After trawling through a number of YouTube videos I came across the Ubiquiti AmpliFi-HD which already had some really good reviews (I have used Ubiqutiti products in the past and found them to be excellent. I now use them on a daily basis). I setup the ‘main’ router, unfortunately in a room where the master socket was which was to one side of the house and not in the centre where Ubiqutiti suggest placing the device. The AmpliFi was quick and easy to setup via the AmpliFi app on Android/iPhone. I then installed the mesh points that came with it. Again, quick and easy to setup.

Once everything was configured I went wondering around my house and all the way down to the very back of the garden. I was quite shocked that I didn’t drop below 4/5 bars in the house and even stayed 3/5 bars down at the bottom of the garden. The speeds are eminence through this Router, even when connected via one of the mesh points.

After using the AmpliFi-HAmplifi Mesh PointsD mesh point system for a number of weeks now I have found some draw backs.

These include (currently);

  • No Web-UI (Everything is managed via the Amplifi App on iPhone/Android)
  • No OpenDNS support on the router (I believe this is because they’ve launched the ‘Teleport’ VPN device)
  • DDNS Support

It’s a shame to see as this makes it feel like a half finished product although, the speeds and wireless availability/strength make up for that.

It will be interesting to see what gets improved/added in the future in terms of firmware updates for this device.

To round it up then… I’d highly recommend this product if you’re looking to increase your wireless strength/speeds/availability. Although, if you are a power user. I’d suggest doing your research to see if the Router comes with the functionality you need.

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