chromium edgeChromium Edge / Edge Dev – After watching a LinusTechTips video on this I decided to download Edge Chromium and have a look myself to see what all the fuss was about. Linus’ video is quite frankly spot on. The browser does show relative performance to Chrome now, although I find it funny they couldn’t build their own engine, but they are way behind Chrome. There is just no point in competing or it making sense for them to create/code their own browser from scratch.

After using it for almost an hour just on random websites and going through various settings I still couldn’t get to grips with the ‘odd’ look ‘n feel, comparing to Chrome. As an avid Chrome user for a number of years I defiantly will not be making the switch, although, it will be interesting to see how the Edge Team progress with the development of this browser. chromium edge

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