ESX – Moving .VMDK to another drive slow. I noticed we was running out of space for on a Virtual Disk so decided to move this to a HD, rather than an SSD.


First of all

I tried copying the .vmdk via the Datastore Browser in ESX. This appeared to be taking forever just for a 250GB file!

I then thought this could be caused by a local backup that was running, but after stopping this. It wasn’t the case! I then tried the transfer via SSH on ESX using SCP, but again this didn’t help, apart from showing me it was only transferring at 13MB/S from an SSD to a HD.

Moving .VMDK to another drive slow


After a bit of research and back-tracking a number of others were experiencing the same issue from Google searches. They were all suggesting using Veeam, the thing was a) this is a Paid for option. b) this isn’t any good for me as I needed to move a single drive, not the whole VM.


I then tried a SCP to a local NAS (Network Attached Storage). This appeared to work wonders as i was getting 30-40mb/s pretty solid. I decided to stick with this solution.

I know it’s not the best, but should hopefully get you by rather than the ‘faf’ I had go through!

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