NetXMS Setup Wiped When Restarting Service

After experimenting around a bit with NetXMS. The time come to reboot the VM it was running on. So I go to reboot it and shoot back into the NetXMS Web UI/Console to make some changes and find all of the settings I changed have gone… everything! Annoyed wasn’t exactly the word I used at the time.


Upon doing some research it seems there is an option in the configuration called ‘ImportConfigurationonStartup’ if you want to keep your settings when you restart the service or the VM/Server it runs off… I’d suggest disabling this as your first port of call after installing.

The Steps

Login into the Web UI and go to Configuration > Server configuration

NetXMS Setup Wiped When Restarting Service

Once you’re in Server configuration. Using the search enter in;



You’ll then want to double click the value and change it to ‘Never’.

NetXMS Disable ImportConfigurationonStartup

Click ‘OK/Save’ and close out of it…

And you’re done! You can test by restarting the service or the server it runs from before you go ahead and make them important changes like I did and see them get wiped ;).

Comment for any help needed!


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