Setting up Gigaset C530A IP VoIP with Tel2 – After a close family friend said about their expensive phone bill each month I decided to take this over. I have previously had a handful of dealings with the company Tel2. They are a great company, that offer some fantastic plans for a very small price! The company only had 2 employee’s that needed a phone, they are also sales so like to walk around a bit.

I ended up going for a Gigaset C530A IP VoIP Cordless Phone Answering Machine 2 Handset which I got for a steal of £124.99 from eBay (Purchase Here).

After struggling to get onto the Web UI of the Gigaset N300 A IP Base Station a firmware updated was needed once I was on. I was then able to do pair the handsets to the base station.

The Setup

Useful Note: The Default Pin is 0000

Once I was in, I could then start configuring both the handsets to Tel2. This is done by going to the Web UI (Logging in) > Settings  > Telephony (Left hand side) > Go to IP1 (Edit)

The Tel2 FAQ / Generic Settings

Remember the username/auth name/display name is your phone number with the country code. So UK is 442035190000 as an example.

Device 1 / Phone 1:

You’ll need to click ‘Show Advance Settings’ to see all the fields…

Device 2 / Phone 2:

Enter the same advanced settings as the above screenshot but add -2 to the username/auth name/display name.

You’ll also need to enable the Shared Line Feature which Tel2 have an FAQ on doing so here.

Good luck and comment if you need a hand setting anything up or contact Tel2 as they have great support.

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