Updated (2019) Setup CloudFlare with NameCheap cPanel Hosting

Updated (2019) Setup CloudFlare with NameCheap cPanel Hosting. Following on from a previous post of mine (Setup CloudFlare with NameCheap cPanel Hosting). It looks as though Namecheap have updated their process for adding external domains that aren’t using the NameCheap DNS/Nameservers. You’ll now be able to add your domain much easier. Add your domain to[…]


Disable Rocket Loader (Cloudflare) to resolve WordPress Issues

So recently I’ve had some issues with plugins working. For example I use a Google Analytics plugin that shows my GA stats directly on my WordPress Dashboard. After posting on the WordPress Forum a plugin support member suggested disabling Rocket Loader within Cloudflare to resolve this issue. How to disable Rocket Loader; Login to CloudFlare[…]