Google Password Checkup

We’ve all been there. Compromising security for convenience, we put our personal information at risk with poor password habits. One in four Americans use common passwords—like Abc123, Password1111, and [email protected] Sixty-six percent of Americans admit to using the same weak password across multiple sites, which makes all those accounts vulnerable. And every day, new data breaches publicly expose millions of usernames and passwords.

Until passwords become a thing of the past, there’s a simple and secure solution: use a password manager, like the one built into your Google Account and Google Chrome. It generates strong, unique passwords for all your online accounts, auto-fills them as you sign in, and helps keep them safe in a central place.

Google have recently launched Password Checkup—a new feature built into our password manager that checks the strength and security of all of your saved passwords, tells you if they find they’ve been compromised (for example, in a breach), and gives you personalised, actionable recommendations when needed.

It’s a great free tool to use and I’d suggest giving it ago, using the link below.

You can check your passwords by go to:


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