Updated (2019) Setup CloudFlare with NameCheap cPanel Hosting. Following on from a previous post of mine (Setup CloudFlare with NameCheap cPanel Hosting). It looks as though Namecheap have updated their process for adding external domains that aren’t using the NameCheap DNS/Nameservers. You’ll now be able to add your domain much easier.

  • Add your domain to CloudFlare and go through the setup to get your CloudFlare Name Servers.
  • Update your domain to the CloudFlare Name Servers.
  • Go to Addon Domains in cPanel and add your domain
  • It’ll ask you to verify which you can do by adding a TXT record to the domain in CloudFlare.
  • Click Verify.
  • Once it’s verified you’ll need to setup the A name records generally these are things like your domain (see screenshot). You’ll need to point these at your NameCheap server IP address. This is stored in the Server Information tab (down the left with the steps). Set the A records to point at this IP address and you should be good to go.

Updated (2019) Setup CloudFlare with NameCheap cPanel Hosting

Comment if you get stuck. Happy to help.

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