Windows Not Inheriting Permissions Solved. I found that when a user moved folders from folder A to Folder B with different permissions. User 2 had different access to User 1 and wasn’t able to see Folder A but could see B. Weirdly when a file/folder was moved from A to B the permissions were not updating correctly.

After a bit of Googling… came up with the following;
icacls "D:\Data\PendingJobs\*" /q /c /t /reset
This is then simple enough to put into a batch file.

Once its in a batch file you can test. I’d then suggest adding it to Task Scheduler and running say every 5 minutes or so. This will work well on a domain controller/file server.

Using this script will then allow user 2 to see the folders within Folder B once the script has run. This is why I suggest making this run every 5 minutes.

You can also see How to Hide Folders Users Do Not Have Access To (Window Server)

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